Scenic Wallpaper

 The dining room's scenic wallpaper design is entitled Isola Bella, which in Italian means "beautiful island". The setting is composed entirely of lush foliage, exotic flowers and birds, and is thought to be an island in Lake Maggiore, Italy. The wallpaper is an antique pattern, designed in 1842-1843 by the renowned Zuber Company of Rixheim, France. It is virtually indistinguishable from the 19th century original because the same 1840's woodblocks are used to print it. The pattern required 742 different woodblocks and 85 separate colors of tempera paint which were hand-applied to each block. The gradation of background color from the warm, cream color at the horizon to the blue, violet hue of the sky is a result of being brushed on by hand before any of the other colors or patterns are applied. Since tempera is water-soluble, all of the sheets are meticulously installed by carefully-trained artisans. Because of its exquisite skyline, the wallpaper is considered among the finest scenic wallpaper designs dating from the first half of the 19th century.