The Library, 2009

The Library

The library addition was privately-funded by the Florida Governor's Mansion Foundation, Inc. and was formally dedicated upon the departure of Governor and Mrs. Bush in 2006. The collection emphasizes state history, politics, nature, and other topics related to Florida. Most authors are Floridian, and the majority of the books were published and donated by the University of Florida Press in Gainesville, Florida. Similar projects to enhance the mansion have become an informal tradition sponsored by the Florida Governor's Mansion Foundation. The Florida Room, the Florida Library and the two bronze sculptures entitled Manatee Dance and Florida's Finest, are all legacy projects of former first families.

The commemorative book, First Families in Residence: Life at the Florida Governor's Mansion by Ellen J. Uguccioni, details the history of the mansion between 1956 and 2006 and the contributions of all of Florida's first families who made history in this home. This book is currently available for loan from all public libraries, as well as state university and junior college libraries in Florida, courtesy of the Florida Governor's Mansion Foundation.