State Dining Room

The "State Dining Room" is one of the most frequently used rooms in the Governor's Mansion. Depending on the occasion, the dining room can be magically transformed to serve a large, formal dinner to a small, informal luncheon. On some occasions, the long dining room table is set with our USS Florida Silver collection on display, while other times by special invitation from the governor or first lady, the six beautifully-appointed, round tables are arranged for a luncheon. In the center of the State Dining Room hangs the chandelier, which seems to be a focal point among school children and inspires this room's most frequently asked question "Are those real diamonds on the chandelier?!" The children seem enamored with this possibility, as well we are... if we could only answer yes!

Scenic Wallpaper

This scenic wallpaper surrounds the dining room. The design is entitled Isola Bella, which means "beautiful island" in Italian. The setting, composed entirely of lush foliage, exotic flowers and an occasional bird seen against a clear, blue sky, is thought to represent an island in Lake Maggiore, Italy.

Silver Collection

The silver collection

The pieces of the USS Florida Battleship Silver Collection are among the most impressive objects in the mansion. They are considered priceless artifacts of Florida history.