Executive Chef

John Minas assumed the role of Executive Chef in May 2011. Trained at the Culinary Institute of America, including a prestigious externship at the four-star restaurant 2941 in Falls Church, Virginia, Chef Minas is enthusiastic about food: “Passion for cooking flavorful and fresh foods is what drives young culinary enthusiasts like me every day. Cooking professionally and in our home has been an integral part of my family life since I can remember. My entire professional career has been devoted to furthering my knowledge of food, from nutritional cooking to classical methods. I owe my enthusiasm about all things culinary to my grandfather, father, and mother who are great role models for me.“

John grew up in Watertown, Massachusetts, and he has worked extensively in the northeast. He is especially excited to be living in the Sunshine State and is greatly honored by this special opportunity to create fine dishes for the Governor and First Lady of Florida and their guests.