State Dining Room

It is a long-standing tradition for the governor and first lady of Florida to host formal gatherings in the State Dining Room. During seated affairs such as the one pictured here, the long antique table and chairs are removed. The room is reconfigured to accommodate a total of 48 guests whose place settings are marked with formal place cards and menus in addition to state china, silver, and crystal.

In the center of the State Dining Room hangs a lovely crystal chandelier which was acquired during the early 1960s. It is a focal point among school children who frequently enter the room and inquire as to whether or not those are “real diamonds” hanging from the chandelier!

Scenic Wallpaper

Scenic Wallpaper

One of the most dramatic features of the room is the antique, scenic wallpaper that resembles a lush, tropical Florida landscape. The wallpaper is a Zuber & Cie pattern entitled Isola Bella (Italian for beautiful island) with a setting composed entirely of lush foliage, exotic flowers and an occasional bird seen against a clear, blue sky. Printed from the original woodcut blocks carved in the early 1840s, this exquisite wallpaper makes an immediate impact upon visitors to the room.

Silver Collection

The silver collection

The USS Florida Presentation Silver Collection contains some of the most impressive objects in the Governor’s Mansion collection. The complete sterling silver service is comprised of 47 pieces and was officially presented on behalf of the people of Florida to the crew of the USS Florida on December 18, 1911 in Pensacola, Florida. The collection is now over 105 years old and was designed and fabricated by the Gorham Silver Company.