Cecil Farris Bryant

Cecil Farris Bryant

Governor & Mrs. Bryant with family pet, ca.1962

34th Governor of Florida (1961-1965)

Personal Background:

  • Born July 26, 1914- Marion County, FL
  • Died March 1, 2002- Jacksonville, FL
  • First Lady Julia Burnett, married 1940, three children


  • Graduated from Ocala High School, Ocala, FL
  • Graduated from University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
  • Graduated from Harvard University's Law School, Cambridge, MA

Service to Florida:

Elected Florida House of Representatives- 1946 ; Served as speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, 1953. Elected governor 1960.

The Bryants at the Inaugural Ball, 1961

Most Notable Contributions as Governor:

Governor Bryant oversaw the creation of a constitutional amendment authorizing the state to sell bonds for the construction of institutions of higher learning. In addition, Bryant championed the expansion of multi-lane highways throughout Florida, such as the Sunshine State Parkways from Fort Pierce to Wildwood, FL and Alligator Alley from Fort Lauderdale to Naples, FL to create modern infrastructure, thereby accelerating economic and population growth across the state.

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